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Top destinations you should definitely visit

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Top destinations you should definitely visit

If you are the type of people who prefer relaxing lying on a warm breeze on a hot destination, with red-hot sand shooting into infinity and azure waves under a clear blue sky perfect – but skiing or making a snowman, then you are in the right place. Here are some destinations that are the best beaches in the United States in Lance Gallardo’s opinion where you can spend the holidays with doing just that.


Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Naples, Florida

Newbie on this year’s list is situated in the awesome Naples. The park has size of 67 hectares, providing the perfect white sand dunes, where you can also find observation tower, nice picnic place in the area under the trees alongside with the sea shells that can be found all around a place . The only flaw of this beach is that in peak season it can happen to you is found quite a crowd, however, and there is a solution: you can always come a little earlier or a little later in the morning or afternoon. If you want to spend your holidays in peace, this is the right place for you !

Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Golf, tennis, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, etc. … All of these is just some of the many activities offered by the resort. Kijava Island, south of Charleston, offers something is a pretty unique: at the same time a beautiful view of the ocean but the view of the river. These waters are the source of various specialties that make up the famous “Low Country” cuisine of South Carolina and the wider region. The only thing that can spoil the atmosphere are many sites that are not easily to get because of their slowly approaching – but do not panic, this place will be where it is safe for many years.

Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Do not pay attention to the colder water than usual for the summer tourist destinations. Although at this time of year, lower temperatures reduce the time of swimming in the water at a minimum, these extraordinary beachesfull of steep slopes and coarse sand are popular destinations for both local lovers of the sea, and foreign visitors. “Beach Guard” Coast Guard base, after which the beach got its name, offers a unique view. If you belong to those who for the perfect experience just enough sand, the murmur of the waves in the distance, the breeze that brings freshness and the occasional umbrella – this is definitely on the top of your list of the best holiday destinations.

Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, Florida

This place is the most perfect place for experienced swimmers, but for novice swimmers as well. The beach that has the white coral color is perfect for swimming! If you like to experience all of the amenities one summer destination, then this is the beach that will provide you with just that: limpid water perfect for scuba diving, peaceful streams for enjoying in leisure swimming,never-ending walking and jogging and a lot more.For detailed info you can visit

Travel the United States by Lance Gallardo

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Travel the United States by Lance Gallardo

America is the land of opportunities and possibilities; some would say place where the American dream is lived. But what about its nature, way of life and tradition, cities that seem like they from the other planet and scenery images that have engraved American culture. There are lot of extraordinary places to see and visit here and Lance Gallardo has seen them all, a man who travels across America, explores the places, culture and tradition will presentyou only small part of this promised land and take to journey you will never forget.

Whether you a tourist, visiting for the first time U.S or you live here, Lance will show you some of the unique places worth of seeing.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

One of the fist thought when we mention America is Walt Disney, he created magical kingdom for everyone who refuse to grow up, here you will find all his fictional character roaming around and welcoming visitors.

French Quarter

French Quarter is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this city has rich historical and musical heritage connected with jazz, blues and classic rock and roll that can be heard from every doorstep. French Quarter architecture is just stunning with streets of cobblestone and beautiful gardens are just sight for sore eyes.

Times Square

Where else could it be then in New York. This is one of the hearts of America. In the city that never sleeps Times Square is unmistakably one of the first place you must visit. With his lush signs, busy traffic and yellow cabs, skyscrapers that barely allow sun to penetrate are the symbols of United States.

Mount Rushmore

This mountain has democracy written all over her with pioneering American presidents engraved in the stone, it represents one of the largest work of art on the world.

Big Sur

Forest that are centuries old, endless field of wild flowers, steep California condors and nature that is out of his world represents a Big Sur. Three million acres in Los Padres National Forest of relaxation on stunning beach where you can see whales and seals is the pace you definitely must visit.

Grand Canyon

This is an American symbol. Colorado river carved 227 miles long way through volcanic stones and made worlds larges canyon. These walls are so deep and steep, that your head will heart, but for those who love lot of adventure and adrenaline this is the right place to see.

South Beach

This beach stretches along Atlantic coast in Miami. The whole city at night look like it’s glazed in neon. Beaches full of models sunbathing and city café full of styled costumer enjoying their stay and posing.

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge connects San Francisco and Marin County, if you stay for few minutes on this bridge when it’s windy day you can feel it waggle a bit. He was built to hold high winds and earthquakes, and you can see his power from the bay and from the sky.